I am experienced in giving and receiving hands-on therapies and I have been lucky enough to meet and work with Misty.  She has sensitive hands and nature and works as an instinctive therapist.



Our new website will be launched April 2020!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to Corona 19 all in person sessions are cancelled until further notice. 

We are now online for individual and group sessions. All sessions are currently free as there are so many that need to feel supported during this difficult time. Donations are greatly appreciated. 

Qi Gong: Group and 1:1 sessions Fridays 11am-12:15pm UK time on Skype

Caregiver support 1:1 sessions, 50 minutes Mondays and Thursdays between 10am and 12:30pm UK time on Skype or WhatsApp

Share Our Table Gathering for Grief Support

We held the Share Our Table Gathering for grief support today. Some sharing about not trying to fill the gap of loss but actively grieving in ways that help us to live. How to find our rhythm when someone we’ve been so entwined with is no longer with us. Also spoke of the sense of somehow needing permission to mourn in cultures that turn away from encouraging vulnerability. Thank you all for the stories, their depth and wisdom continues to shape us.

Share Our Table Gathering for Compassionate Care

Compassionate Care Share Our Table Gathering first Saturday monthly Jan, Feb, March 10-11:30am at The Old Pavilion, Linlithgow. Just drop in on the day! 

These gatherings offer a space for you to explore ways to create compassionate care skills within your life.
You will learn ways to accompany yourself through noticing and listening to your body sensations while responding in ways that support you.
Who is this for? Everyone is welcome.