Being with Breath & Sound

Somatic Movement workshops

Would you like to slow down and explore mindful ways of listening to what your body needs in the moment?

Our breath has its own vibration. Even the words for our breath's process, inhalation and exhalation contain the root word 'hal' meaning wholeness. Bringing awareness to our breath reminds us that we are here and can help us to feel grounded and present. Tuning into the rhythm and vibration of our breath can bring a sense of stillness. This quality of stillness can also give us opportunities to connect with what is happening in us while in relationship with what is around us. Our breath is always there reminding us that wholeness is possible and here for us. When we can meet with our breath we create paths to open to listening to the language of the body. This listening can lead to balance, healing and wholeness.

This workshop offers you space to explore the rivers of your breath vibrations, rhythms and sounds through opening to slowing our movements and noticing whatever is there in the moment. Workshops currently being offered to small groups of counsellors, carers, asylum seekers and refugees.

Contact me if you are interested in this workshop.