Being with our Autumn Rhythms

Welcome to Autumn! It can be so helpful to create a practice that flows with our natural rhythms and this includes the changing of the seasons. Our relationship with these changes can help us maintain balanced healthy lives.

There is a fifth season in Chinese medicine called Late Summer which begins mid August and ends at the equinox. We have just transitioned from Late Summer which is connected with Earth energy and the stomach and spleen. In Chinese Medicine every season is associated with an organ, an emotion, an element, a direction, a colour, a taste and an animal.

So we've now moved into Autumn which is connected with transitioning from strong yang energy into a more yin energy... which helps us prepare for winter's coming. This means that Autumn is filled with both yang and yin energy and that yin energy is growing. It is a time of letting go and the leaves falling from their trees show us how to do this so beautifully.

The organs associated with this season are the lung and the large intestine, the element is metal, the colour is white. The animal is the white tiger and the direction is West. The taste is spicy with warmth so it's a good time to eat things like ginger, garlic and cinnamon. The emotion is grief and this means releasing any hold it may have and this is tempered with having courage to let go of what no longer serves us. This process of letting go creates space for something new to come to us. We are entering a quieter period which guides us slowly toward the hibernating energy and peace of winter.