Caring for Caregivers



Taking care of you while caring for others.

There is a growing need to understand the importance of caring for ourselves, without it we are unable to offer our care to others. In particular, many people working in health care settings as well as family caregivers are struggling to maintain balance in their own lives and enduring increasingly stressful situations.

Often the first question becomes “How can I find time to look after myself?” and so care for oneself is considered as separate from us, something we must make time for rather than it being and integrated part of the whole of all that we do.

So then the question becomes, “How do I slow down and listen when there is so much happening around me?” Our breath is always with us and can remind us to be where we are in the moment. So when we become distracted by our thoughts or things pulling us from the outside, being aware of our breath is an incredibly steady companion. Breath is where we begin when we are born, we do not need to make time for it, it is there, calling us back again and again to each moment. Being with your breath helps to show you where to go, where to listen, in your body, supporting you through body sensations, emotions, and whatever emerges.

Caregivers are so needed and yet are often over worked and unsupported. This lack of support can leave them depleted of their energy and unable to continue to care for themselves or others. Taking care of you while you care for others is crucial to sustaining your own health.

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Photo by Pink Sherbet Photography 

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