Share Our Table Gathering for Compassionate Self Care

Compassionate Self Care Share Our Table Gathering Saturday 5th October 10-11:30am at The Old Pavilion, Linlithgow. Just drop in on the day! 

These gatherings offer a space for you to explore ways to create compassionate self care within your life.
You will learn ways to accompany yourself through noticing and listening to your body sensations while responding in ways that support you.
Who is this for? Everyone is welcome.

What will we do? Each workshop is tailored according to the needs of the participants and will include:
• Slow, gentle guided body explorations which can be done sitting or standing
• Creative response through drawing/writing (optional)
• Share Our Table Gathering for discussion/questions at the end of the session

Artist: 'Mercado' by Juan Fermin Gonzalez Morales