Share Our Table Gatherings


Share Our Table Gatherings are held monthly, creating safe, inviting spaces to come together to offer:

Caregiver support (professional and informal (family/friend))
A safe space to share stories and experiences of being a carer. Many carers feel that they do not receive enough support. Coming together, sharing their stories helps relieve feelings of isolation, giving a sense of belonging. Together we look at ways of creating changes that foster compassionate care practices that are nurturing and supportive.

Grief support   Due to the sensitive nature of exploring ways to be with grief this gathering is offered as a small group. A safe space is held to share experiences of grief and loss while looking at ways to bring connection and ongoing support. Often we begin with a theme that helps to initiate our conversation. This then opens out in directions that are guided by whatever the participants most wish to share.

Please note: Caregiver and Grief support gatherings are confidential. Further support is available through individual sessions. These gatherings are for additional support and not to replace your current health care provider.

Compassionate Care  This gathering invites us to focus on the importance of caring for ourselves and looking at practical ways to do this in life. There is time to slow down, relax, and share our stories. We also look at what and how we eat as part of caring for ourselves and the ways this contributes to our well being both individually and as a community. Research is continually looking at how eating together can have a positive effect on mental health and wellbeing and social inclusion. These gatherings help to restore a sense of belonging and connection in ourselves and our communities.

Gatherings are 60-90 minutes.

Upcoming workshops: Please see our Facebook page page

If you are a charity or organisation and would like to book this workshop then please do get in touch to make arrangements.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao