Sensory Awareness

"Like Zen, Sensory Awareness focuses on perception, in the recognition that it is only through the full experiencing of our organic life that we can grasp the deepest and most human truths." - Norman Fischer, writer, poet, Zen teacher

Principles of this practice are used in our sessions. Sensory Awareness is a unique form of mind/body re-education developed in Europe for many years by Elsa Gindler. It was brought to the U.S. and further developed by Charlotte Selver.

This is an exploratory practice similar to meditation and mindfulness practices. It helps us rediscover our embodied felt sense of child-like playful energy and creativity. Its approach is experience based with a focus on the cultivation of embodied awareness. 

This involves simple everyday movements that promote conscious experience and presence. Sessions are guided by body sensory explorations that assist with awakening and responding to the felt sensations in the moment.